Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gratitude for LOVE by Karrlin Bain

I am so happy that I get to take part in the Flying Sisters Blog Hop every month! At the end of this post you will be given the link to another wonderful blog post by another creative friend of mine, then at the end of hers will be another link, then at the end of hers.... and so on... until you get all the way back to my blog! We all blog on the same topic... It is a Blog Circle. 

This months topic is: "Gratitude" 

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
Here is my original POEM that provides a SNAPSHOT
of  our Thanksgiving (clicky link)
Did you notice the last word of my Thankfulness poem?  It is LOVE!!!!

Now... about GRATITUDE: I am grateful for the family, friends, and pets that I love. I am grateful for LOVE!!!
(I am also thankful for wonderment, imagination,
and everyday magical moments.)

Recently a WONDERFUL person blessed me with an amazing compliment. She said the only way she could think of to describe it was that I actually create:


What an excellent thought... A Love Cloud!  I am so grateful for this beautiful sweet compliment!  The compliment itself and the way it made me feel (happy) is an important gift I have been given that no one can ever take away from me.  It is like Maya says....

— 'I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.'
Maya Angelou 

My friend is the one that brings the "love cloud"  actually! That is probably why she can spot them!!!  : )  What I can learn from this, and what this inspires me to do, is to go forward and make sure that I treat all the people that I meet with 
Gratitude and LOVE.

Speaking of LOVE... 

A BEAUTIFUL family member that I LOVE reminded me TODAY how important it is to LIVE IN THE MOMENT!!!  I am grateful for that advice and plan to follow it!!  I believe living in the moment is ESSENTIAL for 
keeping the LOVE CLOUD afloat!!!

Here is a awesome song I heard today about LOVE.  Are you surprised to hear that I am crazy about it?  
CLICK ON IT  & listen ~ it is lovely!!!!

 Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
May YOUR day be filled with LOVE and GRATITUDE!!

p.s. I appreciate the two fabulous ladies that inspired this post.  Thank You for filling up my LOVE tank with positives to keep me floating forward on a LOVE CLOUD!!

This is a Flying Sisters Blog Hop
about GRATITUDE!!!!
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  1. I'm humming "Love Cloud" to the tune of "Love Train" by the O Jays.
    Grateful for you! Happy Thanksgiving sister!

    1. I am singing it too!!! So funny because when I GOT the compliment I was singing "Love Cloud" to "LOVE SHACK!!!" ; ) ONLY us - lining everything up with a muscial jingle!!! I LOVE IT ~ Grateful for you too!!!

  2. Great post! And I stole your idea to post the whole blog circle(teehee) I thought it was genius and solves the problem of what if the next one isn't posted yet (Yes!) Love you dearie you are always an encouragement to me. Happy Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Love your post Karrlin, and ditto to Debbie. How brilliant to list us all. Still learning from all of you <3.
    And what a perfect metaphor for you . A love cloud is bang on. You continue to be a bundle of light that parachutes onto my screen. And I am in awe of people who write poetry. And the quote from Maya Angelou is one I try and live by daily. So glad you shared it. Well said.XX

  4. You have to get into the clouds to find the silver linings!

  5. A Love Cloud...what a beautifully inspiring thought. The photos your shared of heart clouds make me so happy. I need to keep my eyes open and start searching for those little love thoughts throughout my days. Thank you for sharing and inspiring! <3

  6. I'm finally getting around the circle - and I just love the love cloud - I need to get a copy of put in my office and studio and remind me of it!

  7. Yah - a love cloud. I've never met you in person but your love cloud personality definitely shines through online. Keep on floating sister! xx

  8. I agree with your friend. You definitely shine of positivity, fun and love. Great post.

  9. The love cloud, what a sweet sweet image (and I can't wait to see one in the sky for real some day...) I also feel it fits our flying ladies' group perfectly! xo Laly

  10. "I am also thankful for wonderment, imagination, and everyday magical moments." YES! YES! YES! My heart chakra just swelled up reading your post. You are so full of love and magic, Karrlin. Thank you for spreading the joy.

  11. "Wonderment, imagination and everyday magical moments". What a terrific way to put that and I may need to borrow it! I love reading your poems and am so grateful to be on this journey with you my friend! xo

  12. You DO create a love cloud!! You are such a sweet woman who is always sharing love, joy and passion to everyone you encounter. Keep up the GREAT work!!!!


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