Sunday, January 6, 2013

Blogger Award ~ Artful Creations ~ January 6

I’m so grateful to have been nominated for this fun blogging award called the Tell Me About Yourself Award from Suzanne Drolet.

Suzanne's Blog is lovely to view and read. I have found it to be very educational in the art department!  Her book reviews will inspire you.  I met Suzanne in our Kelly Rae Robert’s Flying Lessons class.  We are kindred spirits from across the land.  Suzanne is a great friend, artist, and writer too!  I am happy to own some of her amazing work that I received as a Christmas gift from my family… It is called...
love love love love love....
I am nuts about this bird and I am SO happy I have her here where she belongs!
Okay back to business...
The rules to accepting this award are:
1) Thank the person who nominated you – Thank you so much Suzanne!! I am so happy to have met you and excited about our friendship! Congratulations on winning the award!

2) Tell 7 things about yourself

1) I have a great husband and 2 wonderful kids.  We also have 2 dogs that are amazing!  We are lucky to have a lot our family members living in the area as well.

2) I am a substitute teacher and I enjoy teaching grades k-8 in two different school districts.  I love writing poems and am excited to be a blooming artist!

 3) I love Christmas SO MUCH and would like to decorate from October 28 until May 10 every year and leave the tree up.  I would also like to listen to Christmas music for that whole time too.  Also Christmas movies... I could go on forever.....

4) I still love sparkly things, purple and unicorns.

5) I love getting lost in a book.  I read like crazy.  BOOKS RULE! As shown here... My Life in Books

6) I am SO EXCITED to have taken the class Flying Lessons!  I believe that this class has helped me change my life in a wonderful way.  If you want to change your life just go check out Kelly Rae Roberts and all that she shares!!!  Thank you Kelly Rae Roberts!

7) I love watching movies ~ romances and comedies.  I collect all of my favorite movies and then watch (play in the background) them again and again.  They keep me company while I clean and work.  I don’t have to watch the screen to enjoy them after I have seen them once or more; I just enjoy listening to them.  My favorite movie of all times is Ever After with Drew Barrymore.  It is going to be a musical!!!!

3) Nominate 7 bloggers
It’s always fun checking out other people’s blogs…see what they are up to. Here are just SOME (there are so many) of the one’s that have inspired me lately ~

These  artists ~ creatives ~ writers  have inspired me on a daily basis and I want to thank them for their wonderful hearts and super cool blogs!!!!!  
Take the time to check them out!

Renee Bekking ~ Howling Dog Art Studio
Kristen Conley ~ Whimsy Inspired
Becky Cavendar ~ Becky in Burma
Sierra Grosch Mahaffy ~ Sharing My ♥
Suzanne Mcrae ~
Lulu Bea ~Lulu's Upcycling Lounge Unfiltered
Amy Riddle ~ On a Journey Back to Her Wings
Suzi Poland ~ Vignettes de la vie by Suzi Poland

Learn about Artful Creations Here ~
Today for our Artful Creations blog hop I completed this post in response to the Tell Me About Yourself Award that I received for my blog...

Facebook is fun! ~ Poemify Me by Karrlin Bain


  1. Karrlin, congratulations on winning this wonderful Award... and thank you, for I feel so honoured that you have chosen me in return. I loved getting to know you a little bit better. Love how much you enjoy Christmas. Thank you again. xoxo

  2. Wow, this is fun learning all about you guys!!! I have a feeling this will travel about for a while and I hope everyone says something online when they post!!

  3. Awwww - thanks, KarrlIN! :) You rock! <3 I think it's so great that you have one of Suzanne's beautiful birds. How lovely that your family got it for you for Christmas.

    I totally love Christmas, too and still have my tree up. ;-)

    Congrats on your lovely award!

  4. i'd love to see that kitchen reality show! would be so much fun.

  5. I'm so glad to hear more about you! I'm sure the comedy in your kitchen could be a great column on your amazing blog!! Congrats to all of the amazing ladies who have been nominated!

  6. Karrlin, this is so sweet of you to nominate me. It has been so lovely to meet you in 2013, you are amazingly talented and such a truly unique individual always offering love, hope and joy. I look forward to sharing another Happy and Creative New Year with you this year. :)


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