Friday, November 23, 2012

Thankfulness ~ A Thanksgiving Poem by Karrlin Bain

Thanksgiving Day ~ November 22, 2012

* Please note... Classy gates all around are for sweetest puppy ever!!  
Christmas tree is always up for Thanksgiving.  

Facebook is fun! ~ Poemify Me by Karrlin Bain

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A Thanksgiving Poem
by Karrlin Bain


just right turkey
just right music
just right olives
black and green

just right
cranberry relish
ground with love
and hand crank grinder
that and recipe
from family last century

just right raw stuffing
just right clear laughter
just right dish washing
of dishes galore

just right appreciation
of each single moment
just bask in the here~ness
and now~ness and Love


  1. Karrlin, another beautifully written poem - so much to be thankful for. Your Christmas tree is beautiful and so big.

  2. That pretty much says it all...all the moments that make it a day to remember. Nice. June

  3. Such happiness in this poem! xx Laly

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