Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Dishes So Mismatched ~ by Karrlin Bain

When asked to help out with a church dinner by setting a table so more people could join us I began to get rather nervous! I thought... well maybe I can explain!!! Here is my story and I am sticking to it!!....

My Dishes So Mismatched
                               by Karrlin Bain

                               December 7, 2010

Welcome friends to this my table
Thanks for believing I am able
To set a proper place.

Enjoy my dishes so mismatched
If I were home I’d whip up a batch
Of my famous Mac & Cheese ~ it’s Kraft!

See my mixed in snowman plates?
Used all year long ~ Such is their fates
They seem to rather like it!

They were a gift from friends so dear
And when I see the plates I hear
Their kindly words from o'er the years
They make me feel so loved.

The flowered plates were from my friend
Our friendship the kind to never end
My best friend since sixth grade!

She gave me those plates for the best reason
Christmas giving was the season
Okay… she got them because I made her!

The lovely peach plates with blue stripes
Are from a fancy store
I got them clearance and saved them for
A special meal for two.
Would you believe they’ve sat and sat
And waited just for you?

Please note the hammered silverware
The few pieces I have are scattered here and there
They were my grandma’s set.
The set is random and mostly gone
But they are so sturdy and remind me of
My grandma’s gifts and love.

The gifts she gave were gifts of time
Of teaching and of love
She’d show me her plants
And teach me to sew
We stood back to back
And she watched me grow
Taller than her ~ in the mirror.

When I fell asleep on her sunshine couch
She’d cover me while I slept
With a handmade afghan ~ where is it now?
It's the memories that I’ve kept.

She could sew an entire dress
My skills end at a button
She could create a four course meal
I press the microwave button.

I know she did not really care
That my homemaking skills were poor
What matters most is that I know
She couldn’t have loved me more.

The sage floral green plates
Were from my husband
They represent our partnership
Because he checked with me
To see if I liked them
And we decided together
To buy them
In past days we’d not seen eye to eye
On dishes ~ nor on life
But this simple compromise on plates to me
Represents a larger scale end of strife

So now you see my Mismatched Set
Is filled with joy and life
With laughter, friendship, tears and pain
With the love and dreams of a wife

This Mismatched Set is no mistake
And remember when this is over
Just like my favorite pastime books
No plate can be judged by its cover
Listen to the owner’s tales
And their stories may be uncovered

Don’t worry if you are like me
And can barely set a table
Our gifts are all diverse and grand
And in so many ways
We each are able

Just love yourself and each other too
No matter what each is made of

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  1. I love,love,love this says so much and has great insight. I think you have such talent not just in the poems but in all your writing...I think this is just the beginning for you.

    1. June you are so sweet with your encouragement and I sure appreciate it! ~Hugs!! Thank you so much.


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