Friday, April 18, 2014

How to have an Amazing Creative Space & Art Studio ~ Creative Spaces from Around the World ~ Artist's Studio Tour!

Where do you Imagine? 
Where do you write?
  Where do you paint?
Where do you create?
Where do you keep your favorite books?
Where do you express yourself?
Do you have a room of your own?
I am lucky enough to belong to the most AMAZING online community of creative friends!  They have shared THEIR creative spaces and art studios with me so that I could be inspired by them and share them with YOU!  Recently (FINALLY) I scored an entire room of my own in my house to use for my Creative Space.  I can’t wait to set it up.  I have a lot of sorting out to do before I get organized, and then even more organizing to do before I am sorted out!  That is okay because I am excited about the process and the future of it all.  Right now I am MORE excited to share these wonderful artist's AMAZING CREATIVE SPACES with you:

(Viewing tip that will work now and anytime on the computer ~ Hold the control (Crtl) key down (the whole time) and then click each & every link one at a time... all the browsers will open for you each in a new window and you can look at them one by one!!!)

Thank You Ladies!!!!!

Do you have a Creative Work~space Blog Post
 or Public Facebook Photo of YOUR  space that
you want me to add here?  Message me at with the post
 and I will consider adding it here! 

Not sure how to refer to YOUR Creative Space?
Make it something FUN!
How about...
Watercolor Workroom
Crafty Conservatory
Construction Cubby
Sculpting Sunroom
Objects d'Art Office
Invention Junction
Landscape Library
Animation Station
Sketchbook Study
Dream Dormitory
Production Patio
Patchwork Porch
Thinking Theater
Painting Parlor
Assembly Room
Drawing Room
Discovery Zone
Designing Den
Graffiti Gallery
Visual Hideout
Ceramics Suite
Innovative Inn
Glue Getaway
Forging Foyer
Savvy Studio
MY Room!

Mine will be.... 
MY Room and Imaginationarium!!!!!
I will add pictures of my Imaginationarium
someday when it is all sorted out!

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  1. Wow thanks Karrlin, what a wonderful post and a fun tour. Thank you for including my studio as it used to be, which I filmed it on the last Market Day before leaving. I do hope it inspires others, but I also hope they know that even without a designated space, it is possible to create in the street in sketchbooks we carry and in the many creative groups that now exist online where people from all over the world dont simply meet, but collaborate, to create new works that were not possible before such technology existed. I absolutely love your list of names, a total inspiration for creativity. I can only imagine what gorgeous pieces you are going to create in your Imaginationarium! Good Luck with your room of your own :)

  2. Thank you so much! This was so fun to read and inspirational. Love it.

  3. This was fun to go through - I'm going to come back to it and spend a little more time. Thank you for including me in this! Now - I want to do a video studio tour!

  4. So, SO much inspiration here! You simply make me smile, Karrlin. Great job of creative gathering here!

  5. This looks great, Karrlin. I found your blog on the Inspired Blogging group. Just stopping by to say hello!

  6. Karrlin, I also found you thru the Inspired Blogging group. I enjoyed the studio tour & I appreciate the tip on holding down the control button to open many windows. Thank you!


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