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I have a husband, two children, and two dogs. My favorite pastime is spending time with my family, friends, and pets. I love books! I enjoy reading, writing, great coffee, and movies. I love ice skating and roller blading, and should really do more of it. I am also a teacher.

I enjoy writing poems, and my simple positive poems are quite overfull of rhyme and arrive when I am inspired by something. I may write about a cup of wonderful morning coffee, a prayer, or a letter- poem to a person that I wish to surprise, honor, or appreciate.

I am blog and utilize online sites so I can spend more time sharing poems, my art journey, and whatever inspires. I am enjoying my online community! I love viewing all of the other writers, artists and bloggers that take their time to share their passions.

  • Poemify Me ~ Poemify Me ~ There you will find my original poems or posts that include poems.
  • Bookify Me ~ All About Books 
  • Artify Me ~ Blooming Artist Journey. A slow journey... but a journey just the same.
  • Cleanify Me ~ Cleaning Tips for the Creative Clutterbug.
  • Blogify Me ~ Happiness  Blog.  Here are all other topics.

Thank you for visiting my site and have a blessed day!

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  1. Karrlin - I just have to say you are so doggone cute! I love your heart, your passion, your openness to live life.You bless my heart. You are a breath of fresh air in a stinky air-polluted world. Keep on rocking, girl!


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