Thursday, March 28, 2013

Time by Karrlin Bain

Enjoying my kiddos during this week off of school and work ~ Spring Break.
Remembering to "be present" in the present... which makes me want to slow everything down and just stay in this blessed time...

Time by Karrlin Bain

They are 12 and 14
And I'm
Loving them now
And they
Are perfect as is
And I
Know their future is His
And they're
The best gift I've been given
And I
Am so thankful for them

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blooming Creativity by Karrlin Bain ~ A Flying Sisters Blog Hop

I am so happy that I get to take part in the Flying Sisters Blog Hop on the third Thursday of every month!  At the end of this post you will be given the link to another wonderful blog post by another creative friend of mine, then at the end of hers will be another link, then at the end of hers.... and so on... until you get all the way back to my blog!  We all blog on the same topic...  It is a Blog Circle.  

This months topic is: "How to...."  

~ I choose... "Inspiring Creativity" 
as my "How to..." this month.

My favorite way to do this is with my new poem titled Blooming Creativity that I wrote just for this... followed by a list ~ 11 Ways to Inspire Creativity:

~ Blooming Creativity ~
by Karrlin Bain

Ideas spring from seeds
Giving life enhancing leads
Future taking root
Brings creativity's fine fruit

Enlightening your days
In bright blossoming filled ways
Lovely purples, crisp teal blues
Mystical marvelous magical hues
Sparkles twinkle glow and shine
Fresh ideas grow divine

Nurture time with loving friends
Springtime breezes filled with fun
Blessings found will have no end
Take blissful time to soak up sun
11 Ways to Inspire Creativity
  1. Start your own blog about something you wish to share or investigate.  Surf Pinterest!
  2. Write a lot... always have a journal or paper for making lists, doodling, and for any kind of journal writing (thoughts, ideas, hopes, gripes, etc.......).
  3. Play your favorite music in the background at home and in the car.
  4. Join in on challenges (found on the internet) that focus in on your creative areas or activities that you want to learn such as writing, drawing, painting, etc.  You will surprise yourself!!!
  5. Throw perfectionism out the window! (Thank you Chrissy and Uncle Jim for that one!)
  6. Try NEW things!
  7. Take classes that you find in your community and/or online!
  8. Find your tribe!  (Awesome people with similar interests)
  9. Take time to REST.
  10. Dream BIG!
  11. Love a lot, and find ways to serve others.
This is a Flying Sisters

 Blog Hop

of "How To..." posts.

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