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Thank You School Bus Drivers ~ A Kindness Mission Blog Hop ~ by Karrlin Bain

I am so happy that I get to take part in the Flying Sisters Blog Hop!  (We are "Flying Sisters" because we took Kelly Rae Robert's Flying Lessons together!)  At the end of this post you will be given the link to another wonderful blog post by another creative friend of mine, then at the end of hers will be another link, then at the end of hers.... and so on... until you get all the way back to my blog! We all blog on the same topic... It is a Blog Circle... or a BLOG HOP!

My Kindness Mission:

An inscription on the James Farley Post Office in New York City reads:
Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.[1]

The above quote is about mail carriers, but I also think it applies to School Bus Drivers.  The difference is that their cargo is much more precious!

          The only thing that stops our bus drivers is the much beloved "snow day" or, as of late, the "polar vortex".  A bus driver has to work hard to get their special driving license.  I am so impressed by anyone that can drive such a large boxy vehicle.  I would be impressed if the vehicle were empty.  Add in 1 to 75 lovely beings and the feat becomes simply amazing!!!

My Kindness Mission is to

1. The "Thank You School Bus Drivers" poem (below) is the cover of a FABULOUS Thank You Book that will be dropped off for the bus drivers to keep in their meeting room.

2. I joined with another teacher to have over 100 local students write thank you letters to bus drivers.  These letters mean an awful lot because they are from grades 6 and 7!!!  The letters include favorite stories about, and appreciations for, their bus drivers. These make up the pages of the book. These student created letters AND poems are simply AMAZING!!

3. CHOCOLATE!! Chocolate will be delivered too! Nothing says thank you like CHOCOLATE treats!

  4.  We can show our appreciation every day by helping school buses out when we see them on the road.  Research universal and local laws in regards to driving near school buses.  Help a driver out by giving them access to the road before you during high traffic times.

I have a special place in my heart for school bus drivers...
Because one of them is my Mom!!!!

Thank You School Bus Drivers
                                        by Karrlin Bain

Thank you school bus drivers
That go the extra mile
Driving safe and caring with
“Good Mornings”
Treats and
Extra smiles

Seating charts and mirror checks
Safely driving kids to school
Bus drivers kind and thoughtful
Gets points for being extra cool

Sometimes they play the radio
Sometimes seat choice is free
The role of bus driver is not simple
This I can easily see
Because sometimes driving my TWO kids
Is hard enough for me

Imagine seventy plus kids
Fog, freezing rain, or snow
They keep our kiddos safe each day
And befriend them as they grow
From tiny tots with GIANT backpacks
To teens refusing coats

So thanks again Bus Drivers
For the many things you do
You are appreciated
For your services so true

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  1. Bus drivers are great! They probably loved the gifts you gave them. I'm sure they don't get many of those. Sadly where we live there are no buses because of funding. Have a great day!

  2. AWE!! I love this Karrlin!! So sweet and what a great tribute to all Bus Drivers! Our mom is the best of them all! <3

  3. A thousand apologies from me to the poor bus driver we - my classmates and I - tormented back in grade 4 on the field trip. I was one of the worst. Laughing, screaming., singing, shouting, joking and waving at the drivers of the cars behind. Please rest assured I was paid back tenfold when I bought a Honda Pilot that seats 8. This meant I was field trip driver on all of the myriad of field trips my two went on. Paid back big time.
    Love the poem Karrlin! I'm visiting from the Inspired Blogging group.

  4. what a great idea!!!

  5. I agree --> what a fabulous idea! On any given day it must feel like a thankless job -- thanks to you and the others, they were recognized!

  6. What a beautiful idea. I think the letters from the students will be specially appreciated.

  7. OMG made me cry.......I am the luckiest Mom in the world....What a beautiful poem to workers who are so often not thought of or noticed. We are the first outside of the home contact for so many children every day, and I for one want to make it a happy and warm experience for each child and let them know that they are safe getting on that big yellow bus and leaving the saftey of Mom, Home and all that they love.............Can't wait to make the delivery to the bus terminal.....I know everyone will love it.....You Are Special and I Love You Infinity!!!!! Mom

  8. Fabulous Karrlin! I agree, nothing is more precious than the cargo on school buses. So glad you spread some kindness their way to show gratitude for all of us! xo

  9. WO Karrlin a beautiful poem and more beautiful act of kinds to send them letter and gifts. Great work of kindness.

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