Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lunchroom / Playground Supervisor Job Description ~ by Karrlin Bain

Here is a poem about one of the most fun work experiences/positions I have had!  True events!  : )

Elementary School ~
 Lunchroom Playground Supervisor Job Description
by Karrlin Bain ~ February 2009

To Be a Supervisor is
An Honorable Post
A Calling Requiring
More Grit than Most

 Blacktop Warrior
Playground Friend
Pusher-For a Swing Set Ride

Garbage-Technician, Nurse and Mom
Referee, Playmate, Picture of CALM
Crossing Guard, Emergency Responder
Mittens, Hats, Scarves Lost-And-Founder

Radio Sporting CIA
Expert Regarding Dangers of Play
Master Wood Chip Re-Arranger
Eagle Eyes Spot Stranger Danger

Graffiti Cover-Uppers with Band Aids
Cafeteria Wardens, Table Maids
Safety Zoning Orange Cone Placers
Street-bound Runaway Ball Chasers

Some Will Even Dress Like Monkeys
Dance around Wild on a Stage
What a Blessing and a Wonder
Caring For Children of Every Age

Students Need Their Supervisors
Looking Out For Many Needs
In Return We Play a Role In
Future Citizens ~ Planting Seeds

The rest of the story.....

All of us supervisors dressed up like monkeys for the staff talent show and did a dance to the song "Hey Hey we're the Monkees."  We even had one supervisor in an ape costume with a guitar!  We also used band~aids from our emergency fanny packs as a quick fix to cover up graffiti in the tube slides.  That job was awesome!  I had to leave that job to student teach... so things got even better! 

Facebook is fun! ~ Poemify Me by Karrlin Bain

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  1. Karrlin, I like how you have that little bit of wisdom at the end...nice and so true. I know how hard it is to fit all the pieces together to make it sing out do it well. June Maddox

    1. Thanks June! We actually dressed like monkeys for the staff talent show. It was really funny too because when we rehearsed we were great... then when we had the show and actually put on our monkey masks... we could not see! Shows the value of a "dressed" rehearsal I guess! : ) Thanks for coming by!


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