Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Big Brother ~ by Karrlin Bain

I am a lucky girl
because I have a big brother...
Let me tell you a little bit about him...

He plays guitar and is 

also an amazing guitar
enthusiast and doctor
Check out his cool fb page
Yamaha Guitars , 80's and 90's

He is soooooooo fun and hilarious!
He is AWESOME... 

Happy Birthday Rob!!!!!

Facebook is fun! ~ Poemify Me by Karrlin Bain

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Blogger Award ~ Artful Creations ~ January 6

I’m so grateful to have been nominated for this fun blogging award called the Tell Me About Yourself Award from Suzanne Drolet.

Suzanne's Blog is lovely to view and read. I have found it to be very educational in the art department!  Her book reviews will inspire you.  I met Suzanne in our Kelly Rae Robert’s Flying Lessons class.  We are kindred spirits from across the land.  Suzanne is a great friend, artist, and writer too!  I am happy to own some of her amazing work that I received as a Christmas gift from my family… It is called...
love love love love love....
I am nuts about this bird and I am SO happy I have her here where she belongs!
Okay back to business...
The rules to accepting this award are:
1) Thank the person who nominated you – Thank you so much Suzanne!! I am so happy to have met you and excited about our friendship! Congratulations on winning the award!

2) Tell 7 things about yourself

1) I have a great husband and 2 wonderful kids.  We also have 2 dogs that are amazing!  We are lucky to have a lot our family members living in the area as well.

2) I am a substitute teacher and I enjoy teaching grades k-8 in two different school districts.  I love writing poems and am excited to be a blooming artist!

 3) I love Christmas SO MUCH and would like to decorate from October 28 until May 10 every year and leave the tree up.  I would also like to listen to Christmas music for that whole time too.  Also Christmas movies... I could go on forever.....

4) I still love sparkly things, purple and unicorns.

5) I love getting lost in a book.  I read like crazy.  BOOKS RULE! As shown here... My Life in Books

6) I am SO EXCITED to have taken the class Flying Lessons!  I believe that this class has helped me change my life in a wonderful way.  If you want to change your life just go check out Kelly Rae Roberts and all that she shares!!!  Thank you Kelly Rae Roberts!

7) I love watching movies ~ romances and comedies.  I collect all of my favorite movies and then watch (play in the background) them again and again.  They keep me company while I clean and work.  I don’t have to watch the screen to enjoy them after I have seen them once or more; I just enjoy listening to them.  My favorite movie of all times is Ever After with Drew Barrymore.  It is going to be a musical!!!!

3) Nominate 7 bloggers
It’s always fun checking out other people’s blogs…see what they are up to. Here are just SOME (there are so many) of the one’s that have inspired me lately ~

These  artists ~ creatives ~ writers  have inspired me on a daily basis and I want to thank them for their wonderful hearts and super cool blogs!!!!!  
Take the time to check them out!

Renee Bekking ~ Howling Dog Art Studio
Kristen Conley ~ Whimsy Inspired
Becky Cavendar ~ Becky in Burma
Sierra Grosch Mahaffy ~ Sharing My ♥
Suzanne Mcrae ~
Lulu Bea ~Lulu's Upcycling Lounge Unfiltered
Amy Riddle ~ On a Journey Back to Her Wings
Suzi Poland ~ Vignettes de la vie by Suzi Poland

Learn about Artful Creations Here ~
Today for our Artful Creations blog hop I completed this post in response to the Tell Me About Yourself Award that I received for my blog...

Facebook is fun! ~ Poemify Me by Karrlin Bain

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fairy Art Dad ~ Artful Creations January 5 ~ A FAVE by Karrlin Bain

I had so much fun completing my assignment for
LIFE BOOK 2013 (clicky link to the class!)~ 
you can join anytime!!!!  We were to create (free hand) our encouraging 'Fairy Art Mother or Father' and right away an idea began to form in my mind... of being able to create my 
 Fairy Art Dad 
because my Dad was super cool!!!

♥ Here is my "Fairy Art Dad" ♥ 
We lost him instantly in a car accident in 99.  
He was a youthful 56 years old.  I have missed him so VERY much.  

He is standing in his camouflage boat he named LOBO (which means Wolf).  To me this is actually spot on looking like him!  It is nice to hear him saying the things he always said to us!  He would be fishing... but the fish just fly all around now in my depiction so he does not need to!  This was SO FUN and I can't wait to see what my family says... 
I am thankful we had this assignment! 
♥ I love him! 

We left some blank space to add more 
comments throughout the year...

Close up of his tattoo... a wolf howling at the moon.

This post is part of the fantastic
Artful Creations Blog Hop by Janine Whitling
where we post daily on our creative progress...
so here is my progress for today

Join Us Here

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Karrlin's Word of the year for 2013

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~ Flying Sisters Word for 2013 Blog Circle ~
The Flying Sisters are the wonderful group of artists and creatives that 
took the awesome class Flying Lessons with me this past summer/fall.

***We were also lucky enough to be invited to join in on the 

Click Here to Read and Enjoy them ALL.....
* * *
My Word for 2013 is... 
(drum~roll please....)
as in...
"I am IN!" & "Count me IN!"
"IN the moment"
"IN my prayers"
"IN my dreams"
"IN my jammy~jams"
"dancing IN my kitchen"
"IN Action"
"a twinkle IN my eye"
(HA!... get it...Karrlin... that's me!!!!)

All alone the word "IN" might seem somewhat meaningless.  When the word "IN" is surrounded by lovely, meaningful, positive, purposeful words... "IN" becomes amazing, exciting, positive and fun.  I love "IN" for my word because it is so versatile.  This word makes me responsible because I have to be IN ACTION and bring the other words to join with it to make it 

Similarly... this year I choose to surround myself with energetic, lovely, meaningful, purposeful people, thoughts, and activities!  

When the words surrounding "IN" are positive and well thought out... they can lead to excellence, creativity, peace and FUN.  I need to take this approach with my thoughts this year too.

Also, I can walk with the attitude that I belong where I am... and I am "IN" and it will be so for me.  If I choose to go with the opposite negative side of that... feeling "outside" of things... well forget that!!!  This is the year that I put and end to that ~ and just know I'm "IN!"

This year I choose to approach life with a positive attitude; I will bring the  "I am IN!" attitude along with me wherever I go.

Part of my decision to have this word was this comment that I made in response to joining a word of the year group:

"Drawing a blank for a word that will light
 up my life...  (sing that song) but count me IN!"

This comment made me think to admire the brave girl in me that is willing to say "count me IN!" and then trust myself that I will be able to follow through later.  Saying "I am IN" has made a difference in my life! ~ If I hesitate to "think about it," and give myself too much time to think (a.k.a. worry), that is when the negative thought gremlins would talk me out of whatever it is that I am considering.  Poems, Art Classes, New things!!!  Bring it!
When completing a search of MY COMMENTS by putting in my name "Karrlin" and the word "IN" in my Online Summer Flying Lessons Creative Biz Class fb group... here are my comments that came up to confirm that the word "IN" is a great word for me to have in 2013.... 

When I use the word IN I am typically being active, positive, supportive, AND often times I am also having LOADS OF FUN!

See for yourself.... these are my comments and the portion using "IN" is highlighted in blue...

I just added in this missing statement "I am also blessed enough to belong to artist's communities online and can view art to my heart's content. Thank you artists for making my every day like a walk through the loveliest of galleries!"

Okay I JUST PAID AND SIGNED UP... WHAT IS HAPPENING NEXT... I gave her 3 minutes and I am not in a group yet!!! Just kidding... YAY!!! Thanks for taking me with you ladies!!! EEEeeeeekers I'm excited.

in addition to prayer
... plus plunking in YOUR beautiful art... right now I am gearing up to learn so I LOVE your blog as it has been. I already ordered one of the books you blogged about and plan to get more as I can....
What a bunch of amazing ladies and comments up above here!!!!!!  I will keep you all in my prayers over here too! <3>
You are not alone in feeling bummed... big hugs!
but today at "Thanks~Christmas" at my mom-in-law's house I got Christmas and birthday (Dec.27) money and can put it towards Life Book 2013... so my whispers are turning into an action plan... YAY... I am signing up soon and am in for sure!

oops not yet... when I say "meager scratch and sniff collection" above that is about STICKERS... just in case no one was around doing that at the beginning of the 80s
when I was in the 4th grade... What would appear to be possible self promotion is actually a quest for flags.... That is my statement. Love to Flyers in so many COOL FLAG PLACES OF THE WORLD.... Here is the super cool flag tracker site: 
I'll keep you guys in my prayers!
Oh wait... I WAS in FLYING LESSONS so I CAN say it.....
love me NOW in my sane~craziness
I want in... need to save for it.
I have my cart before the horse in a big way and that is my plan and I am loving it... : ) 
Checking in 

You are SO IN that mag!!!!!!
I have not been an artist and am not really yet even... just a twinkle in my eye... 
I'm coming along maybe... if I can get in... no camera... I'm in jammy jams!
and was in heaven
I suppose this is enough graffiti for one night... think we will get in trouble... class is done! O:)
Actually dancing in my kitchen with joy... dancing for joy... in my kitchen... not with someone named joy....
eekers... I googled and got something not so nice! Oh good... thank you... 
I was in Danger!!! ; )
In my heart... I am shopping your shops!!!! Hi Flyers! I think it is so cool that you are having a Flyers only sale and I just want to say I am buying vicariously!!!
Oh and I must bring in the Bible here... it does say somewhere that we "LEAVE OUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY AND CLEAVE TO OUR ART BUSINESS".... right?? I know it was something like that..... hmmmmmm??????? ;)
keep on hanging in there!
Matthew 18:20 New International Version (NIV) 20 For where two or three gather in My Name, there am I with them.”
I typically like to stick my head in the sand but want to try to help
that is great because you tried and are "in action!"
... I could do in the end was poemify my pain... haaaaaaaa!!!)
what I am trying to say is your work is very moving in a peaceful way! ; )
... just like in "Ice Castles"... does that count?...
... click links in internet circles!!! (internet square dancing... "click your browser round and round.....") ; ) It is perfect! I love it when I can fast find links for peoples other pages on each of their pages!... 

party in the future. ; )

Another factor to consider ~ the definition of the word "IN" from and
My fave definitions of IN from the above 2 dictionary sites are as follows:
  • to or toward some destination or particular place
  • on good terms
  • in a position of assured or definitive success
  • in vogue or season
  • in production
  • a condition of clarity 
  • keenly aware of and responsive to what is new and fashionable
  • one who is in office or power or on the inside
  • located or situated within; inner; internal: 
  • well-liked; included in a favored group...
  • plentiful; available.
  • in with, on friendly terms with; familiar or associating with: They are in with all the important people
  • used to indicate goal or purpose
  • informal in it  joining in; taking part
  • in with associated with; friendly with; regarded highly by
How about it, are you IN?
What is your word for 2013?

Thank you so much for stopping 
IN and joining IN on my word FUN!

Please go to the next WONDERFUL 
post by fellow flying sister 
Laura Moss
who shares her creativity at

Facebook is fun! ~ Poemify Me by Karrlin Bain