Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fairy Art Dad ~ Artful Creations January 5 ~ A FAVE by Karrlin Bain

I had so much fun completing my assignment for
LIFE BOOK 2013 (clicky link to the class!)~ 
you can join anytime!!!!  We were to create (free hand) our encouraging 'Fairy Art Mother or Father' and right away an idea began to form in my mind... of being able to create my 
 Fairy Art Dad 
because my Dad was super cool!!!

♥ Here is my "Fairy Art Dad" ♥ 
We lost him instantly in a car accident in 99.  
He was a youthful 56 years old.  I have missed him so VERY much.  

He is standing in his camouflage boat he named LOBO (which means Wolf).  To me this is actually spot on looking like him!  It is nice to hear him saying the things he always said to us!  He would be fishing... but the fish just fly all around now in my depiction so he does not need to!  This was SO FUN and I can't wait to see what my family says... 
I am thankful we had this assignment! 
♥ I love him! 

We left some blank space to add more 
comments throughout the year...

Close up of his tattoo... a wolf howling at the moon.

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  1. Karrlin, what beautiful piece of artwork of your "Fairy Art Dad". I'm so sorry to hear that you loss your father so tragically and suddenly. I feel that you are going to be treasuring and maybe even framing this piece of art. Lovely. I can also feel all the love that you had for your Dad. Hugs and Blessings. xo

  2. That is impressive....I saw your dad's pic and you aren't kidding about being spot on, down to every last detail!!! I am so glad you have such great memories to hold on to!!! ♥

  3. That's a cool concept. So often our Dad's get left out of the more emotional expression art we create, often confined to female entities. Such a great idea.

    Best wishes,

  4. You know I love, LOVE, LOVE this piece! And I can't wait to see all of your amazingness shine with Life Book! There is a very proud fisherman watching down on you <3


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