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My life belongs to You ~ by Karrlin Bain

My life belongs to You
                                      by Karrlin Bain ~ August 10, 2012

Heal me up in every way (Psalm 147:3),
Remind me when I start my day,
“Do not Worry” to me You say ” (Luke 12),
My life belongs to You.

Heal what physically in me ails (Matthew 14:35),
Forgive my wimpy whiney wails (Psalm 73),
Light my path so I can see (Psalm 119:105),
All the plans you have for me (Jeremiah 29:11).

I love you,
And yes I know,
You love me,
Your Book says so (John. 3:16) (Jeremiah 31:3) (Romans 5:8).

Thank you Lord,
And please just know,
My life belongs to You.

Karrlin's commentary:  ; )  When I read this I laugh because you HAVE to read Psalm 73 to know what I am talking about when I write wimpy whiney wails.  If I did not know what it said I would guess... I would guess it probably said something like "and the 11th commandment to never break is THOU SHALT NOT WHINE!"  That is not the case though... it is actually an example in the Bible of people whining.....  here you have it:

Psalm 73:17-20
17-20 All they did was sin even more,
    rebel in the desert against the High God.
They tried to get their own way with God,
    clamored for favors, for special attention.
They whined like spoiled children,
    “Why can’t God give us a decent meal in this desert?
Sure, he struck the rock and the water flowed,
    creeks cascaded from the rock.
But how about some fresh-baked bread?
    How about a nice cut of meat?”

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  1. This is wonderful Karrlin and a lesson for all of us. We should never give up on anyone. God wants us to pray for one another......and yes......stop whining...... I Love You and Thank you for such a beautiful poem. Mom


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