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Possibilitarianism and the Power of Possible Thinking by Karrlin Bain

I am so happy that I get to take part in the Flying Sisters Blog Hop on the third Thursday of every month!  At the end of this post you will be given the link to another wonderful blog post by another creative friend of mine, then at the end of hers will be another link, then at the end of hers.... and so on... until you get all the way back to my blog!  We all blog on the same topic...  It is a Blog Circle.  

This month's topic is:  How I'm becoming a Possibilitarian (celebrating our one year of flying!) My approach to this topic is to investigate and define "Possibilitarian" and decide how many ways I am one. Here is what I found....

"Become a possibilitarian. No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see possibilities - always see them, for they're always there."
     ~Norman Vincent Peale

What a great guy!  Among many other things, he wrote the famous book The Power of Positive Thinking.  He is also the owner of many WONDERFUL quotes found here (on this clicky link - my fave is the one about Christmas!!!). 

Artist Kelly Rae Robert's also celebrates the idea of being a possibilitarian.  On her Possibilitarian page she states: "Because when you step forward as a Possibilitarian — and share the truth about how you created your beautifully messy, magnificently complicated & exquisitely joyful life and career — you give everyone else permission to dream bigger, be braver, and create what they want. And just like that, the impossible simply . . . isn’t."

I am a possibilitarian because...

* I see amazing possibilities in my kids (clicky link) and realize the value of setting some of my own interests aside for now to invest in them. 

* I believe anything is possible if only you believe..... and I can't for the life of me figure out where that quote comes from... some Disney movie, right?  I was looking and found Cinderella singing "A dream is a wish your heart makes."  I love that song.... I think it lines up perfectly with being a possibilitarian.

* I LOVE watching my friends from Flying Lessons (and from life) achieve general awesomeness and even super specific crazy awesome success based on THEIR belief in the possibilities!!!!

* I am storing ideas, art classes, and art supplies away for whenever I get a moment of time.  I believe this "moment of time" may just coincide with my future "empty nest syndrome" that is way in the future (6-8 years)... so then I will cry on my art projects while having a blast instead of just crying in a state of general sadness.

* I write poems that ooze an optimistic rose colored glasses worthy positive attitude.

* I believe in a glittericious colorful creative life.

* My imagination is super vivid.

And last but not least I am a Possibilitarian...        
because I said so!

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She is also a Possibilitarian
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  1. How lovely to visit your blog and share the celebration of a year of wonders that it has been since Flying Lessons. So great to meet you there I have loved everything we have shared, so glad you joined 420 Characters too. I can only imagine what another year will bring, longer and stronger friendship and joy of creating I hope.

  2. Hi Karrlin, it's been quite a year, hasn't it? Lovely meeting you through Flying Lessons and sharing our journeys this past year. Thank you for all your support along the way.

  3. KarrlIN! I love you + I've missed you. You always make me smile, especially when I read words like glittericious. I mean ... hello ... could there be a better word?! :) I love it.

    Thank you for sharing your post with us and I'm so grateful that we've met in this ecourse. You are beautiful.

  4. Oh that "glittericious" word! (lol I see you like it too Becky!) Yes you are an amazing word-fairy Karrlin. Thanks for the Norman Vincent Peale quotes, I really like "Plant seeds of expectation in your mind"...
    And about the "Just believe" quote, I don't know if that's what you're looking for but it reminds me of a son from the Polar Express soundtrack:

    "Believe in what your heart is saying
    Hear the melody that's playing
    There's no time to waste
    There's so much to celebrate
    Believe in what you feel inside
    And give your dreams the wings to fly
    you have an inner beauty
    If you just believe"...

    xoxo Laly

  5. What a wonderful post, Karrlin! I so hope that some day we can meet for tea (or coffee) and spend an afternoon together! I also work diligently to be a possibilitarian, and have loved Norman Vincent Peale for years (and years...). Not sure if this is what you were referring to, but when I was fighting the Big C two years ago this is one of the songs my daughter selected for the special CD of encouragement that she made for me: When You Believe (from Disney's Prince of Egypt)

    Many night's we've prayed
    With no proof anyone could hear
    In our hearts a hopeful song
    We barely understood,
    Now we are not afraid
    Although we know there's much to fear
    We were moving mountains
    long before we knew we could

    There can be miracles
    When you believe
    Though hope is frail
    It's hard to kill
    Who knows what miracles
    You can achieve
    When you believe
    Somehow you will
    You will when you believe

  6. Hi Karrlin, I loved reading your post. I can feel your sparkly energy shining through. Thank you for the Norman Vincent Peale quotes. I love the one “What the mind can conceive and believe, and the heart desire, you can achieve.” Keep on spreading that glittericious joy (love your word!). So happy to be flying with you. xox

  7. I just loved this post - and I am so enjoying going around this wonderful creative and positive circle! I am glad I have gotten to know you and I am thrilled to be sitting on the sidelines watching what happens!!!!! cheering all of you on and on and on

  8. Woohoo! Yes you are, lovie! And don't forget that you are a possibilitarian because you smell like a grandma too :D Love ya lady!!!!

  9. Why, yes. You said so and so you ARE! Keep the creative juices and possibilities flowing, Karrlin!

  10. Yes! Anything is possible! We are all proof of that.

  11. Favorite part of your post? "Because I said so!" That is something my Mom said to me, and now I say to my children at times. What I realized is, its a great mantra! It CAN happen...because I said So! The power of positive thinking is a great book to refer to. I read it years ago, and many things still resonate with me. Wishing you the very best in the coming year....can't wait to see what happens next!

  12. It has been a while since I made it around to all my flying sister's blogs...seems this summer has just been far too busy (I barely kept my blog posts written) anyway, I wanted to stop by and read your blog today. Great job. I really enjoyed reading about being a possibilitarian. It is such a great way to live. I believe we are all only limited by the limitations that we believe in. If we will look at the possibilities then who knows what we can achieve. All things are possible with God. Have a great day and look for the new possibilities everywhere.


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