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Marriage Insurance at Christmastime ~ by Karrlin Bain

I was asked to consider the question
"What have I achieved this year?"

  Well I have achieved a lot this year that is similar to each year. Lots of raising my kiddos, substitute teaching, laundry, cleaning and so much more. Basically I do all the chores of life with large amounts of fabulous family, friendship and fun laughter sprinkled on top. There is ONE accomplishment though that I am inspired to feature in my achievements for the year. 
My husband and I celebrated our 
  SEVENTEENTH Wedding Anniversary!!!
This is a HUGE achievement!
  Click these links for different sites
 that I like about marriage that could help 
support my family or anyone with marriage:

    God has a plan for your Marriage

Pray for your Marriage

Marriage is commitment

My husband and I have many reasons why 
we have made it to and celebrated our 
SEVENTEENTH Wedding Anniversary!!!

We have been blessed to share faith in God
We love each other
We love our kids
We love our pets : )
We cherish our family

 themselves (and still do) in strengthening and
 even saving our marriage!!! 
(Thank you more than I can ever say!!!!)

We have been blessed in general
We are so very lucky!
We are not outstandingly perfect though
(far (far far...) from it)
We are very stubborn and use that in many ways...
Sometimes against each other...
That is all I will say on that except...

That same extreme stubborn quality we each possess 
also shows itself in our bold determination
 to make this marriage last....

Best advice from our past and possibly future counselor (we might be fired-we were VERY difficult! : ) was "Fake it til you make it!" and that totally works in the worst of times!

We are a work in progress
And we have the BEST intentions!

That works for us.
  I also have another little trick up my sleeve...

"Marriage Insurance"

Now you may ask:
 "What on Earth is that?"

I love Christmas
I love decorating the Christmas tree
I love shopping on ebay
I love Christmas ornaments
I love being sentimental
I love attaching feelings and (in this case) rules to objects
I love getting packages in the mail
I love having family traditions
I love "LOVE"  (see evidence here and here)
I love being light hearted, imaginative,
and somewhat silly......

My "MarriageInsuranceIs....

An "Our First Christmas" 1996 
Christmas Ornament Collection!!!
(we were married in November 1996 by the way)

and... NOT just one of each... but 
THREE of each  kind so that
 the kids can each have one for their 
family tree when they are all grown up... (sniffle!)

And Rick and I will also have one of the SAME 

for our tree until we are the CUTEST old,
grey, still-married-to-each-other, HAPPY 
(and I am determined we 
WILL BE HAPPY !!) couple.

Now the kids have agreed to hang these on their tree 
 : ) (te he)
Yes, they told me they would do this 
today when I explained how important
 the ornaments were and why there were
 important.  I explained how very inconvenient it
would be if our marriage were not to last because
then we would all  have these expensive cute
 adorable special wonderful ornaments
and not be able to hang them and they would 
totally bum us out!!  What a terrible waste and an extreme shame THAT would be!!!

The kids like the ornaments and feel that
 hanging the ornaments forever
is a small price to pay for making
our marriage last forever!
They are QUITE wonderful!
(The kids I mean)

Yes I know that some would say:

 "But marriages don't last because of ornaments!"  
You are right... it takes enormous amounts of thoughtful investment and action to keep a marriage strong.  It needs a lot more than even that.  It's complicated.

That being said... some of us could use a tiny little bit of 

Marriage Insurance...

You might have to think up what YOUR Marriage Insurance could be... OR you can copy me!
  My Marriage Insurance just happens to be this:

"Our First Christmas" 1996 
Christmas Ornament Collection!!!

and just look at how CUTE it is:

This "Mice on the Moon" is my 

Our First Christmas Together 1996

OOPS I love it SO MUCH I got FOUR!!

One for the dogs????

I will probably end of with 100 of this one...
now THAT is some insurance!!


Cute Mice...

Our First Christmas Together 1996
Love the veil!! !!!

We ONLY have two... I'll be shopping
for one more.


Cute Bunnies... We have all three.

Our First Christmas Together 1996


This next one is perfectly AMAZING!!!! 

Another MOST FAVE!!!

Our First Christmas Together 1996

I only have two so far... 

this one costs a bit more...

Look, there we are!!!!

So romantic... 
sitting on a swing

Yes we always 
dress like that...

and sit close by one another...

sweet nothings...
 Look, at our cute feet in this next picture.
And the step says 1996
and needs to be swept I guess too (a bit dusty).
But we don't clean.... ever.
We are too busy sitting on the swing...
Too much in love to sweep the gazebo...


Classy Crystal Hearts Catch the light...

Our First Christmas Together 1996

With Love Birds of course. 

We have all three. 


 I JUST found this one!!!

Another MOST FAVE!!!

Our First Christmas Together 1996

I only have ONE...
because I just found it last week on ebay 

and ordered it right up!

And They Lived
Happily Ever After!

No ornaments were hurt or injured in the making of this blog post.
All marriages are different and any similarities to your marriage are purely coincidental.
Take this with a grain of Christmas Snow!
Some marriages CAN'T make it so please realize I know that and don't see this as any judgment of marriages that have to end because of any/many reasons.
Ornaments were legally purchased on ebay or one was given by actual lovely sister-in-law at Christmas after marriage in 1996 can she guess which one? 
(Which sister-in-law AND which ornament!)
Side effects of reading this blog may include but are not limited to:
joy, laughter, tiredness, immediate shopping on ebay for the year of your marriage, sharing post on facebook, following blog in blogger, recommending author to a famous publishing company because you work there, getting cup of coffee and some more Christmas chocolates, reading all other posts on this blog, and feeling happy that yours isn't the only marriage that is not perfect.

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