Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Artful Creations January 7 ~ 9 ~ Remember When?

Remember When?

Remember when you were in kindergarten?  I remember being able to color grapes (for the letter G) in with the most purple purple that ever existed!  I fell in love with purple then... and have never EVER wavered from purple as my absolute most favorite color.

I have worked the last couple of busy days in my substitute teaching role. Through this lucky process I was reminded of how much we loved art (most of us) when we were very young.  We loved the process of being able to express ourselves and our ideas through pictures and color.  

So much of what we did was for or about people that we care about and love.  The rest was for a million other wonderful reasons having to do with action, adventure, color, mediums, the great outdoors, travel, joy, skill, technique and extreme creativity.

My artful creations commitments have been met through my teaching this week... and also through the lucky ordering of and arrival on our porch of THIS.... DRUM ROLL PLEASE......
Brave Intuitive Painting
by Flora Bowley
official website of book.....


  1. You're so right Karrlin, our attitude to art was so full of wonder and ease as children. The joy of color and texture, the fun of adding family and friends, time stood still while we just played in the moment. How lucky you are to be re-experience this with your kids. xo

    1. Thank you Janine! I sure appreciate that you have created the HOP which has kept me on track and hopping along with my creative beginnings! <3

  2. Yay! We are going to have so much fun playing and experimenting this year. :)

    1. Thank you Wendy! I know, right? ; ) Thanks so much for coming on by!!! <3 Hugs!

  3. Great reminder of my earlier joy in art, Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I bet you're an awesome teacher :), and those kids I bet love being in your class.

    1. Thank you Sandy so much for the compliment! As a substitute teacher we don't get much (any) feedback... so your comment is REALLY VALUABLE to me! <3


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