Monday, December 17, 2012

Karrlin Bain Blooming Artist ~ Past & Present ~ I Dream in PAINT now!

~ My Creative Artist Past ~

I was a fine enough artist in school (grades k-12).  I had one art teacher that I can remember, and I remember some of the work I did in that class.  That would be the last time I had an art class - sometime in high school.  

In college I did not take art classes (now I would!) except for an art history class.  Art history was okay... but I LOVED THE ART!  It was then that I fell madly in love with Franz Marc (his art, not him) who remains my all time favorite artist.  My all time favorite piece of art is The Red Horses!  I purchased his print of The Red Horses from a museum catalog around 1996 or so and it waited in a poster tube until 1999 to be properly framed.  It was worth the wait:

*note sparkles are not on The Red Horses but are
 just a reflection of the lovely Christmas Tree lights.

I created "contemporary" art... a watercolor of my cat Shylo and a pastel of my cat Gabby.  I love those cats!  I loved those cats from kitten~hood until they were old and then in heaven.  I also created a couple of drawings at various times.  Future blog posts coming on those items.

Around 2002 I went onto art sale sites and perused and sorted through nearly every single piece of art I could find, added them to my favorites and narrowed them down.  When I had found my faves I ordered them.  They sat waiting in a box for more funds, until one by one they were framed.  Now they are hanging around my house and I STILL love them!  I liked the idea of finding my favorites out of thousands online instead my favorite out of just a few at one store while shopping.  I found them by searching the sites for words like "purple" "dragonfly" "lilacs" and also by just browsing through favorite artists.  Now I would go to ETSY to do this!!!  EVERYONE SHOULD DO THIS!  This helps you discover yourself through the art that speaks to you.

I remember another time in the past when I almost created art... then it was sideswiped away by CRAZY life.  That was around 2003.  I bought all kinds of brushes, paint and an assortment of glue and other materials, and had an awesome creative idea (still do!).  I even started it... then it sat while life interrupted BIG TIME.  My kids used my brushes.  I still have the other stuff.  

~ My Creative Artist Present ~
Now I am going to create as much as I can ~ time and life permitting.  I could go into the NUMEROUS reasons why I didn't create before and WILL create now.  My story would be very self~discovery~ish, women's liberation~like, girl power~ish, freedom promoting, lively, funny, sometimes~sad and colorful!  I would rather save that story for some other day or just skip it all-together.  Instead let's just get in to what I am up to now and what it means to me.

I am also blessed enough to belong to artist's communities online and can view art to my heart's content.  Thank you artists for making my every day like a walk through the loveliest of galleries!

My own creative present will begin with whatever I can do now with my very basic skills... combined with AWESOME TRAINING whenever I can squeeze it in.  These giant statements have clicky links if you want to click them.

   Here is what I am doing:
Recently I took Kelly Rae Robert's course 
Flying Lessons which has been life changing! 
I have met so many wonderful creatives there!
I have joined Life Book 2013 and will learn SO MUCH

I also plan to work through some art 
training books and free online courses.
Here is what it means to me:
I am so EXCITED!  I dream in PAINT now!
Thanks for stopping by!  
Artistically Yours,


  1. Wonderful post. I'm thrilled that you are dreaming in paint now. :)

    Wishing you a wonderful 2013 filled with amazing new discoveries, painting and learning. Have yourself lots of fun reconnecting with that part of you.

    I'm so happy that we have had the opportunity to meet in Kelly Rae Robert's class/group this year. Wishing you Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

  2. I can't wait to see what you'll come up with, this is so exciting!!! Wishing you a very creative year 2013!

  3. Dreaming in paint...ah, you are most definitely a poet. And an artist!

  4. What a great way to put this ! I love that you're dreaming in paint. Merry Christmas to you !!


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