Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cleaning Tip #2 ~ Get Something Delivered to Your House! ~ by Karrlin Bain

~ Cleaning Tips for the Clutterbug ~
How to be extremely creative, slightly distracted, somewhat
 inattentive and still keep an amazingly CLEAN home...

(...and yes, some of you are right to be laughing 
~I am pretty sure it is those of you that know me...)

Cleanify Me ~ Cleaning Tip #2 ~ Get Something Delivered to Your House!

I personally LOVE this cleaning tip!  It all began when our refrigerator totally croaked on us.  That part… not so much fun.  First the freezer, then the frig.  The part that I LOVE: NEW STUFF!!!  The delivery men are coming today with a new one (even with water and cube dispenser finally!!!!!) and this has forced me to face some cleaning music.  I am also so excited about the new item that I am willing to work for it… for a little while!!!  Okay... better get ready... (1 hour later:  ding dong... doorbell... they are here!)  

I had to move the entire living room around so they could bring the old refrigerator out and the new refrigerator in through the front door.  When I moved the couch, tables and chair so there would be ample room for the giant frig, I found a few interesting things, to say the least.  I cleaned up the floor and vacuumed.  Removing the old refrigerator messed up the entire kitchen floor so I had to mop it!  Vacuuming, mopping? Both DONE.  They took the old refrigerator away and gave me a new sparkly one… so refrigerator cleaned?  DONE (yes that counts!).  Grocery shopping will be forced due to the fact that we are out of food (and quite hungry) from our refrigerator totally conking out a bunch of days ago, so grocery shopping? DONE! (when hubby does it after work!)

So next time you have a lot to accomplish and are looking for some organizational motivation… buy something REALLY AWESOME and set up the delivery guys for as soon as possible!  It is all in a day’s work!  Next time I am going to get something REALLY good delivered… like a hot tub, or a rock climbing wall, or a marble horse statue, or a real horse, or….

Wishing to hear YOUR comments if you wish...

What would YOU have delivered if the sky was the limit??
What kind of statement does YOUR refrigerator make?


  1. So true!!! New things motivates me!!! What would YOU have delivered if the sky was the limit?? A swimming pool!!!! Would love to start with a healthy swim in the morning. So bring it on boys! Have a blessed day too!! XXX Tineke de Jong

    1. I am so there at your first pool party! I will bring the arm floaties and drink umbrellas! ; ) Thanks so much for coming by! ~Karrlin

  2. Karrlin...I know, such a bummer on your other posts...I so get your reaction, your writing seems like a part of you. Anyway, I am so glad you are back at it. I would order an indoor playclimbing thing...not sure what you call that. My refrigerator mostly just says...what do you want now? Ha! :) June Maddox

    1. Thank you for understanding June! I love October but this one was challenging in a technology and large equipment sort of way... it was kind of like a Stephen King SCARY issue came in and took over all of my technology and appliance and vehicle toys... (Laptop, Frig, Van, Phone...!!!)so I just had to sit there with my own self. EEEEEeeeeek scary Halloween! ; ) I am coming over to your house to playclimb to the max!!!!
      Hugs and blessings,

  3. So I think your fabulous new fridge need more artwork. Perhaps a Kristen Conley original! Now that would be fantabulous!

  4. so funny the "cleaning tip" Love the fridge. Would having a maid delivered to my house fall into this category-- 'cause that would be nice. =) love this post.

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    I wanted to personally invite you too to join me and our beautiful team for An Aloha Affair-- it's a new sort of way of being/ growing together in a more meaningful way and we're truly committed to you having a great experience-- I hope you'll join us... save ya a spot?...



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