Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Katherine Quinn ~ by Karrlin Bain

I just discovered the lovely art of Katherine Quinn.
 Her Sleep and her Sisters artwork is now some
 of my absolute favorite art! After reading
her  wonderful site/blog found here:
I was so inspired by all that she had shared
 combined with her breathtaking "Sisters"
 that I enjoyed surprising her with this
 response to all that she had blogged:

Happy Birthday
Katherine Quinn

                     Karrlin Bain ~via Facebook:

                      September 6 at 11:42pm 

Guess what Dear Miss Misbehaving
You must right now quit that waiting
For you ARE on your magic quest
Through your art the world saving

Something special to you HAS happened
Your Sisters are the world reshaping
You’re traveling on your magic quest
Forty young years in the making

I like the tutu on and pink cheeks
The swim cap’s polka dots do not leak
The fish necklace is filled with mystique
Fine we will do it your way… truly speaks

Pirates, Bugs and Steampunk Fairies
Narrowly escaped being caught
Now they love their newfound freedom
They live life wild and not for naught

Here I am falling is so Lovely
Dream a little dream… Divine
Your magic quest is to impact lives
Look how you’ve inspired mine

Take it from another lady
The same exact young age as you
If yours is not a quest of magic
Then I am in big trouble too

Thanks so very much to Katherine Quinn:
 website: Katherine Quinn ~ Sleep and her Sisters
facebook: Sleep and her Sisters on Facebook

Facebook is fun! ~ Poemify Me by Karrlin Bain

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  1. I really love this artist, too. I found her on Etsy some time ago + her illustrations make me smile. How sweet of you to write a poem for her! :)

    1. Karrlin BainSeptember 23, 2012 1:52 PM

      Isn't she wonderful? : ) Thank you for checking out my "Poemifying."

      I am enjoying your Blog in between "Flying Lessons" too!

  2. Isn't she wonderful? : ) Thank you for checking out my "Poemifying."

    I am enjoying Becky in Burma in between "Flying Lessons" too!


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