Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Daily Instructions to Self ~ by Karrlin Bain

When I was growing up I invented a unicorn named "King" that followed me around all over the place. He (yes I know...still imaginary...) protected me and cared about me... while also looking generally muscular, beautiful, magical and amazing--as unicorns are wont to do. He was my hero! He was based on a picture one of those shiny school folders we could get... I guess you still can for kids. In my kid mind he was all powerful and really cool! (And in my defense I read tons of science fiction!!!)

I also attended a Lutheran school and learned about God as a true King. My faith replaced that need for that imaginary King. When I think of this though ~ I visualize or think of my King as more than someone that sits on a throne... I know that God cares about me the way I could only imagine that super cool unicorn would... but God is way cooler!

So... when I wrote this poem it has double meaning for me. I had created an imaginary character when really there was no need! 

I had originally called it "Lord you are my Hero" but thought that sounded cheesy and I don't want it to sound that way... I also did not want to come across as someone who just does all of this easily without staying connected with God through relationship... so I changed the title to "Daily Instructions to Self" and should follow these instructions each day.  God is my hero... kind of like a knight in shining armor... but I can wear the armor in this case... the armor of God as show us in Ephesians 6:10-20 (clicky link!!!)!!!  How cool is that????

Also I wish someone would songify this for me somehow (even if it meant changing it up some) and get it into churches!!! I can't.

Daily Instructions to Self
By Karrlin Bain ~ January 10, 2011

Lord You are my Hero
My one and only King
When I fear the unknown
Your praises I will sing
Your commands I’ll carry out
Your love conquers every doubt
I am Yours my King

Every day I slip up
I stumble and I fall
Sinner that I am
It is You I need to call

I am Your child to direct
I'll give You my free will
I'll walk the path that You light up
I'll let my heart be still

I'll give up Earthly longings
No matter what it takes
I will commit my heart to You
I’ll own up to my mistakes

I'll trust that You’re my purpose
My Destiny my King
I'll cherish what You've given me
And clear my mind to sing

I’ll sing Your praises when I'm lost
When I wander from Your path
I'll sing Your praises, trust You, love You
and on all else I'll pass

I'll bring to You my children
My heart, my home, my time
I'll write to You this praise filled poem
And credit You each rhyme

Lord You are my Hero
My one and only King
When I fear the unknown
Your praises I must sing
Your commands I’ll carry out
Your love conquers every doubt
I am Yours my King

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  1. This is beautiful Karrlin! Thank you so much for being so unapologetic about your faith and calling! I applaud your boldness and if I were a composer I would definitely be looking to use your lyrics! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Kathrine thank you! Perfect encouragement taken here! : ) Let's keep in touch! ~Karrlin


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